Wednesday, April 05, 2006

'PONTIANAK' tale from penang

what a day.... this story happen when me & my fren went for dinner near medan bakar batu uban..., on the 23rd of march 06. upon reaching shell sg nibong, we see a lot of vehicles parked there. i thought maybe got some accident, but couldn't see any. while having dinner, one of my fren received sms from a fren asking about 'pontianak' behind shell sg nibong. OMG, we were shocked a bit. no wonder got so many people. at the same time, the astro channel was showing 'potianak harum sundal malam 2', makes us even more excited.

got this 2 pics from one of my fren who works as a photographer in Sin Chew Daily. a member of too. as u can see, the 'pontianak' is actually a 'pokok duit-duit' . during nightime, it shows a pale white colors making it look like a 'pontianak' hanging. sometimes when the winds blows, the 'pontianak' also moves & sways, attracting traffickers & passerby. pity the villagers also for having too many interruotion in their daily live for almost 2 weeks.

got policemen also that night. " balikla, mana ada pontianak zaman moden ni". hehehe.. crowd did pull off, but just for a matter of minutes. actually they were concern about people who smokes in the 'no smoking zone' there.

last i heard, that tree has been chopped down. no more crowd & no more ideas of opening 'char koey teow' stall there...

there goes the tale of 'pontianak' in penang....