Wednesday, January 04, 2006

my speed record with Savvy AMT

this is me best fren Savvy. taken on friday, 30th dec 05. since he onli got his license 7 have not been driving for a year, i was giveb the oppurtunity to drive his baby like crazy. heheheheh.

as u can see in the picture, i've reach 150km/h with AMT mode, cruising during windy & rainy highway form penang to lumut journey on saturday evening. this is not the max speed but i dare not to push it to the limit. kenot stay for long also coz got many cars & its going to rain heavily.

ok, for those who interested in Savvy AMT & does not test drive yet, im goin to FR you guys about AMT features.

a) safety features before starting engine :

*ur engine wont start if u put ur gear in 'D' mode or gear 1. need to free gear then onli can start. so for u guys who sometimes forget to free ur gear, the chances for u to hit a car parked infront of u is nearly 0%.

b) saftey features when starts to move :

*besides reverse sensor, if ur door or bonet does not close properly, the car will start beeping. so do not confuse with reverse sensor beep.

c) auto mode :

*just like normal auto, but the gear shifting is not so smooth compared with AMT mode. some may say 'jerking' but not actually like that. but u may jerk the car if u press your pedal to much. auto mode is meant for pleasure driving onli. want to get crazy, use AMT mode.

*in auto mode, gear changes when it reaches 3000 rpm. this is to ensure economical driving * when u cruise in auto mode & change to AMT mode at 70km/h, the gear position will be at 5th. changing mode is done with single push onli 7 u will feel no jerking at all.

d) AMT mode :

* this is where the fun begin. in 1st gear, same like auto, release brake pedal & the car will move. no jerking at all.

* changing gear is super easy, push foward or backward onli. for ur info, AMT gear use 'drive by wire sys'. no mechanical parts connected from your gear to the engine. the gear onli acts like a joystick.

*when u go for emergency brake or u brake suddenly, the gear will automatically changes to gear 1 according to the sequence. 5-4-3-2-1. so chances for your engine to stop also near 0%.

there are other safety features like 'fail safe mode', 'auto disfunction mode' that i havent encounter yet. but from the manual book, during 'fail safe mode' your car rpm will be limited to 2000rpm onli. to xperience this, i dun think u will get it from a simple test drive dude. hehehe


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