Wednesday, November 23, 2005

me first blog

assalamualaikum & hi there bloggers. this is my first blog, solely dedicated to tell all of u about me life & anything that excites me. in this life. this is me pic from me prev construction cumpany. nothin fancy. i like computers, escp about new gadgets & RPG games and recently fell in love with automobile world. love & hate PROTON at the same time. heheheh

right now, i'm very interested in finding easier way to earn money from the net. ever heard of 'paid to surf' program? i've been seriously involved with this phenomenon about a month ago. hope to share with u guys & gals. hope to achieve sucsess soon.



Blogger skyy said...

hallo... i have gone through your blog and i found that is quite interesting for me... but today i am here to put a little comment on your language and grammar you had used in your blog considered quite poor... i had read many blog posted in other website and i found the language their used are formal and appropriate than yours... sorry if i insulting you but try to read before the blog you posted or published... in my view point, your blog contain interesting issues but way of expressing not so attractive... keep your hardwork

8:42 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey skyy i guess u've gotta watch ur language first before u correct others. lotz of grammatical errors in your comments itself. so PINCH ur self before PINCHING others

11:48 PM  

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