Tuesday, December 27, 2005

lets analyze this Savvy...

found this pic recently in SAVOC forum by me friend. quoted from the guy who posted this pic :

"my beloved savvy got into a crash test with an iswara aeroback by my brother. this what will happen to your savvy when u crash into an iswara at 70 km/h. but the mechanic told me that im so lucky coz it was a savvy. if it was a wira or kancil it could be worst. "

not bad right? not long ago i've seen savvy with damaged front bumper. got 1 layer of high strentgh polysterine inside the bumper which i think the purpose is to absorb accident impact.

what do u guys think of this?


Blogger Satdiy said...

70 km/h without hitting the brake ??
Or is 10 km/h after hitting the brake.............??

In a BMW 325 crash test at 40 miles/h, the car is a total lost.

Readers, please use your wisdom...

4:49 AM  
Blogger enginiiu said...

70 km/h......
50km/h then after hitting brake,
and ramp on iswara that leisure at 40km/h

total impact= 10km/h he heeeee

5:57 PM  
Blogger OFFICIALCAR said...

the savvy travelling 70kmh and hit the iswara travelling at speeds too...so it can be compared to the bmw crash like satdiy said...hitting a stationary object is worse that ramming a car going the same direction...savvy proves its toughness..give credit to where credit is due..bravo savvy

6:37 PM  
Blogger ayie said...


3:01 PM  

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