Sunday, March 05, 2006

Bukit Genting Penang : sky kingdom of the north part 1

being recognised as the new landmark of penang, me & fren from penang SAVOC team (savvy owners club) has decided to make our own first TT session there. located at balik pulau, it is actually a thai food restaurant built on top of bkt genting hill, near the telekom tower. enjoy the journey.....

the journey begin......, err after passing some reban ayam & durian farms, hehehehe. at this point, u can see top of the durian tree & we still need to climb 1km more. reminder, onli use low gear. when i mean low gear, it shall be 1st or 2nd onli. in some part of the road yg terlalu curam, ur handbrake wont do much help. i did try to stop for pic taking, need to press brake summore. when want to move forward must tekan minyak kuat sikit. so my advise is, dun try to stop or drive too slow....

how many of u ever thought to see paddy field in penang? this part of island is facing Selat Melaka. so, if the sky is clear enuff, u can see selat melaka. the other pic was actually taken when me go downhill straight to the paddy field. we manage to find the place & to our excitement, we actually found a horse in a paddy field, kat penang pulak tu.. selalu tgk kerbau jer..

aisehh, oledi past 12:00 a.m. need to work tomorrow, will continue later guys & girlz.... bye.


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