Thursday, February 23, 2006

another Myvi accident

this pic was sourced from one of my SAVOC members yesterday. his quote :

"Wira langgar dia ....according from wira owner & witness, her speedometer around 40-60 Kmh only... la...bayangkan kalau wira tu speeding 110++++....."

sigh..., now me blog full of accident pic onli. need to do another topis laaaa...

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

lets analyze this Myvi

ok guys, this is the pic of Myvi accident with a motorcycle taken recntly. for those proton bashers, just look at Myvi & please compare with Gen2 vs kancil accident before . its actually a 'crumple zone design'. the result looks the same. the soft part is onli at the crumple zone area but u can be sure that most of modern cars have better & stronger chasis to protect the passengers right? so, please stop ur blind bashing about gen2 body structure coz ur Myvi also like dat wan. hehehehe

the link for gen2 accident pic :