Wednesday, April 05, 2006

'PONTIANAK' tale from penang

what a day.... this story happen when me & my fren went for dinner near medan bakar batu uban..., on the 23rd of march 06. upon reaching shell sg nibong, we see a lot of vehicles parked there. i thought maybe got some accident, but couldn't see any. while having dinner, one of my fren received sms from a fren asking about 'pontianak' behind shell sg nibong. OMG, we were shocked a bit. no wonder got so many people. at the same time, the astro channel was showing 'potianak harum sundal malam 2', makes us even more excited.

got this 2 pics from one of my fren who works as a photographer in Sin Chew Daily. a member of too. as u can see, the 'pontianak' is actually a 'pokok duit-duit' . during nightime, it shows a pale white colors making it look like a 'pontianak' hanging. sometimes when the winds blows, the 'pontianak' also moves & sways, attracting traffickers & passerby. pity the villagers also for having too many interruotion in their daily live for almost 2 weeks.

got policemen also that night. " balikla, mana ada pontianak zaman moden ni". hehehe.. crowd did pull off, but just for a matter of minutes. actually they were concern about people who smokes in the 'no smoking zone' there.

last i heard, that tree has been chopped down. no more crowd & no more ideas of opening 'char koey teow' stall there...

there goes the tale of 'pontianak' in penang....


Blogger sue said...

just hopping by..
looks like malaysian really like those kinda story..:-)

2:33 PM  
Anonymous C.Rissa said...


Nasib baik bukan, kalau tak menakutkan juga laa.. :)

1:10 PM  
Blogger hasadi78 said...

dah sampai jugak awak kat blog saye ye narisah. wow modennya gelaran, 1st time dengar dari atom, hehehehe

7:01 PM  
Anonymous c.rissa said...


moden apa?


9:08 PM  
Blogger IeTa said...

memang benar apa yang hasadi katakan.. i ada kawan duk kat blakang shell tue..rumah 2 tingkat kale putih ...actually, pakcik dia nyer owner shell tue..makcik member i pernah citer, malam2 pontianak terbang area their house..eee..menakutkan...

5:30 PM  

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