Tuesday, December 27, 2005

lets analyze this Savvy...

found this pic recently in SAVOC forum by me friend. quoted from the guy who posted this pic :

"my beloved savvy got into a crash test with an iswara aeroback by my brother. this what will happen to your savvy when u crash into an iswara at 70 km/h. but the mechanic told me that im so lucky coz it was a savvy. if it was a wira or kancil it could be worst. "

not bad right? not long ago i've seen savvy with damaged front bumper. got 1 layer of high strentgh polysterine inside the bumper which i think the purpose is to absorb accident impact.

what do u guys think of this?

Sunday, December 18, 2005

SRM caught at pdg besar, perlis

yesterday is me lucky day. real encounter with SRM makes my trip to my sepupu's kenduri kawin really worth it. it happen at pdg besar where me & my family went for border shopping after attending the kenduri. as we going back to our car, suddenly i saw a black car sangkut in a mud while parked there. it was raining whole day (monsoon season). so the poor SRM got stucked & kenot runaway from me.

but me manage to get the exterior onli. as i approach nearer, the driver said " mintak maaf, tak buleh ambik gambar, nanti saya kena buang keje bang". all that i can tell u guys is the interior uses more fabric than gen 2 & the transmission is auto. the car looks lighter than any proton. nice sport rim also.